May 2012 Reviews

In honor of Mother Goose Day, May 1, here are some new twists on the old classics reviewed by Andrea Elson of the Oakland Public Library!

andreabuilderBuilder Goose : It’s construction rhyme time!
by Boni Ashburn

Taking a construction spin on classic nursery rhymes, Ashburn recreates 22 familiar rhymes with dump trucks, wheelbarrows, cranes and more! A great pick for any truck, machine or digger fan, the construction equipment fits traditional Mother Goose better than imagined. One personal favorite features the “Sing a Song of Sixpence” rhyme: “”Sing a song of garbage, a bucketful of trash. Four and twenty loads of it- ready to be mashed!”.

Nursery Rhyme Comics : 50 Timeless Rhymes from 50 Celebrated Cartoonists

50 celebrated cartoonists, such as Marc Rosenthal and Nick Bruel, combine to create a funky, eclectic comic-book telling of 50 nursery rhymes. The cartoonists add their own creative spin with such characters as the old woman who lived in a shoe as a hip daycare owner. The images are bold and the rhymes feel fresh, a sure hit for any reader.

andreagreenThe Green Mother Goose : Saving the World One Rhyme at a Time
by Jan Peck and David Davis

Perfect for any young, budding environmentalist, Green Mother Goose, features nursery rhymes promoting conservation, recycling and ecology. The clever rhymes benefit from collaged recycled materials. The tone is not overly moralistic and will promote most current ecology curriculum. “Old King Coal” and “Little Boy Green” are just two of the twisted green characters.

Clare Beaton’s Farmyard Rhymes
By Clare Beaton

Beaton presents seven classic nursery rhymes in this lovely board book. Best for reading one-on-one, the book presents each poem alongside a sweet scene featuring a farm animal. The illustrations are cloth backgrounds with multiple textures and colors creating an engaging scene. Share classics like “Baa, baa, black sheep” and learn new favorites like “Horsie, Horsie”.

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