My crazy day with Kim G

murrokimgOur good friend Tom Murro, The Celebrity Magnet, spent the day with RHONJ’S Kim G., who had much to say about some of the other ladies the she’s shared screen time with.

According to Kim, Danielle Staub gets peeved when she walks into places and no one recognizes her and complains that she’s not being treated to the stature of her celebrity. Oh really? And Kim also heard that Staub has went into a restaurant and demanded that a chicken dish be named after her. My thought is, “Why?” Maybe if it were clams or tacos, I could understand.

Clearly Kim and Danielle won’t be making up any time soon! Check out the video after the jump!

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In this video- Kim dishes on how Danielle Staub wants a Chicken dish to be named after her

Editors Note: The Journal attained a sneak peak of the chicken dish to be named after Danielle; readers can click here for a preview.

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