Kate The Librarian

From Franklin Lakes Library, Kate the Librarian offers teens a steady selection of book reviews every month. Click on her name for reviews, visit Kate’s blog and check out Franklin Lakes Library offerings for teens.

Ted Odenwald

Ted Odenwald offers residents a growing list of book reviews for adults. Reviews include books recently published, as well as books that readers may fine interesting or entertaining.

The Accidental Anthropologist

A collection of articles on subjects, issues, occurrences and experiences that explore the fabric of Americana in an educative and entertaining fashion.

Ryan Robinson

Ryan, a Valley Middle School student, writes regularly on topical issues and everyday matters, some informative, some entertaining, and always a good read.

Tom Murro

Tom Murro is Franklin Lakes own Celebrity Magnet. Read about his adventures with celebrities ranging from President Obama to The Real Housewives of New Jersey.

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